Human Powered Influencer Programs

Meteorite PR has been on the cutting edge of social interaction since the dawn of Friendster. We have built social profiles, managed content, aggregated athlete submissions and created on-point social strategies for our brand-partners. Our goal is to provide weekly assets for your brand’s social media channels while promoting campaign wins, events and athletes across Meteorite’s curated network.

Behind every company there is a captivating story that needs to be shared with the right audience. Meteorite PR helps brands develop, refine and distribute their unique and cohesive story both internally and externally to the media.


The more consumers that are aware of your crowdfunding campaign, the odds increase for successful funding.

We create a strategic timeline, refine your story, leverage deep media relationships and amplify editorial mentions to ensure that your new product gets in front of the right people.


Press Tours & Events

Face-to-face communication is invaluable and telling your story in-person is oftentimes necessary to make the right impact. In addition to managing press tours that connect your company executives with key influencers, we are tapped into and attend a broad range of press events held across North America, Europe and Asia.


Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements further establish executives as industry experts and thought leaders. Our team manages speaking opportunities from start to finish, including developing event calendars, drafting and submitting abstracts and connecting speakers with key event attendees.